Mike Tremblay March 15, 2020

Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, I thought it would be of interest to post a section of a report I wrote in 2009 which included pandemics. Given the date, you should assume the science is dated. I want to highlight in this posting is the core message of this work: […]

naphumber December 11, 2019

Much guidance on abstract art focuses on what I call ‘the inner game of art’, that abstraction is done through internal reflection alone. That is, though, as true as using the external world of our senses as a bridge to stimulate that inner game. If I am on the right track, abstract art is the […]

naphumber December 11, 2019

Abstraction is a liberation from the strictures that can bind our lives as lived. Many people take art classes and when looking at what they have done, feel undernourished, incomplete, frustrated, or worse. Indeed, by the end of the art class, the art ‘thing’ is done, but it isn’t quite right and like the hamster […]

naphumber December 11, 2019

Paint ‘in the moment’, simply see what would happen if…, if you did this and then that. Painting in the ‘here and now’ or ‘in the moment’ does not mean that I am being careless. I am interpreting how I feel, my mood, what I am thinking at that particular moment, which of course will […]

naphumber December 11, 2019

Creativity is neither right nor wrong; it just is. That does not mean it lacks ethical impact or is neutral in the expression of ideas. I am an advocate of Isabelle Graw’s interpretation of the painting as a type of ‘quasi-person’ (Thinking through painting: reflexivity and agency beyond the canvas, Sternberg Press, 2012). My own […]

naphumber December 11, 2019

You do not need to be able to draw to be creative. This is one of the great lies of art, that it always begins with drawing, sketching. Many people take life classes, drawing the human form, or still life classes, bowls of fruit or a vase of flowers. But the most expressive artists were […]

Mike Tremblay November 5, 2019

This is another article in my continuing commentary on market access and politics. The focus in this case is to look more closely at behaviours of people involved from government, industry and healthcare. Occupying these roles are people who bring their own psychological perspective to how they apply their knowledge and skills to their work. […]

Mike Tremblay October 8, 2019

This article is a continuation of my commentary on the politics of healthcare with particular focus on issues that likely interest those involved in market access and government relations. In this case, I’m commenting on government and market failure in healthcare. A future article will present what I call a ‘reform pathway’ laying out some […]

Mike Tremblay September 12, 2019

Market access is wrapped in the politics of health The attention politicians and stakeholders pay to healthcare and its challenges is a keen driver of the ease or difficulty companies experience with drug regulation and market access and has implications through the development process to discovery. How this manifests itself, in part depends on a […]