mike tremblay September 18, 2016

Departing from my usual commentary on arts subjects, I would like to let folks know that I have been accepted into the 2016-17 Turps Art School Correspondence Course.  This will be a challenging opportunity and I look forward to working with my mentor/tutor. At this time, I don’t know who the other artists are in […]

mike tremblay November 19, 2014

“The Vampire Art Schools” Originally published in Art of England, Issue 75, 2010. Reproduced with permission. Someone said once (probably Adam Smith) that teachers should be paid after the lecture. Based on the recent National Student Survey, “academic artists” employed at some arts schools would be hard pressed to pay their rent. Of the 154 […]

mike tremblay November 19, 2014

“On Learning to Steal” Originally published in Art of England, Issue 77, 2011. Reproduced with permission. I was watching some students in a gallery the other day, planted in front of a variety of different paintings, with sketch books. They appeared to be copying the paintings. What exactly is the point of this, I wondered? […]

mike tremblay December 3, 2012

I wrote an opinion piece in the Art of England (issue 77,  January 2011) on the issue of artistic plagiarism called “On Learning to Steal”. I start by musing on the usefulness of students learning art by copying works in art galleries. You know the story, littered around the floor are art students busily copying, […]