Art Making

Abstraction is natural and enjoyed by our playful brain.

Acrylic on heavy paper, ~50 x ~70 cm
repurposing history 1; acrylic on heavy paper, ~50 x ~70 cm

Art is if nothing else a conversation between minds, full of elusive, perhaps transient meaning. What makes a work of art ‘good’ is the extent to which the mind of the viewer becomes engaged, or curious enough to look at the work for more than 20 seconds; it is not always about auction prices.

I now focus on abstract painting and abstract brush painting (Sumi-e); I have worked abstractly in art photography, and large-scale tapestry.

To set myself in historical context, I draw on artists and thinkers influential in charting direction in abstract art and new ways of seeing. My work within the abstract expressionist tradition, which I believe has much more to give to us.

“Repurposing History 1” (shown) illustrates the exploration of mediaeval art forms through an abstract lens; this interests me very much, partly for the colours/pigments available at the time, and partly for what I think are the unacknowledged origins of abstraction. It all did not begin recently, but the cognitivity of creation has been a question for human minds since the cave paintings.

My work is for sale through SaatchiArt and pieces are added to the site over time. If you see a piece you like on this site that is not on SaatchiArt, please let me know and I’ll upload it for you to review.

If you are interested in commissioning work, please let me know. I have past experience art brokering, to help buyers commission art for offices, boardrooms, restaurants and public spaces as well as homes, and would be delighted to develop a proposal to feature my work.

I am a member of S2A, hosted in Paris, and whose members explore geometric ideas in their work. S2A features some very interesting work by an international community. 

I am also listed on the Abstract Artist Directory, which is a comprehensive guide to Abstract art online, and which enables you to locate artists, galleries, blogs and online communities.

 I have been an elected member of Ashford Visual Artists, based in Ashford, Kent. This is a lively professional artistic community with excellent artists working in a variety of media.

For a while, I was writing a commentary column for Art of England magazine, which has now, sadly, ceased publication. I also look for opportunities to write in the art press.

This site has examples of my art, organised into thematic galleries with art commentary in the Blog.