Dr Mike Tremblay

I endeavour to bring contemplative energy through my paintings to enable a reaction, a conversation, between the artist and the viewer. My paintings may even become an independent personality with which to engage.

My paintings have mystery yet transcendence, are unsubstantial yet full of life.

Inspiration comes from many sources, and the forms you see undergo substantial transformation as they evolve on the painted surface.

I have experience in art photography, commercial photography, textile design and tapestry, and draw on a wide range of creative sources around the world.

I have studied still life painting, Japanese brush painting as well as studio photography and tapestry. I have benefited from the Turps art school mentoring course.

I also enjoy writing about art and have published a number of articles, such as in Art of England (now ceased publication).

I enjoy exhibiting my work and meeting people who have an interest in art. My work is in private collections in a number of countries.

As I have extensive professional experience in teaching at university and running workshops for industry, courses can be offered on painting. Given the current pandemic restrictions, I am looking at ways to offer these courses online rather than in person — please enquire.