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Painting “Service”


This is acrylic paint on a full sheet about 50×70 cm 450 gsm paper from St Cuthberts Mill in the UK. I try to use their paper as much as possible and did buy a very large quantity from John Purcell paper suppliers company in London.

the acrylic paints are Daler Rowney’s Cryla, which are a high pigment load and quite ‘buttery’ paint and Liquitex, a smoother paint (runnier). The paper was not gessoed.

The main technique here is glazing. Cryla paints have a high pigment load so that when I break them down with water, almost to homeopathic concentrations, I get the desired control of the colour layering. In the case of this painting, I would guess that there are perhaps 20 layers or more of paint in some areas.

The colours are phthalo blue red shade, napthol red from D-R and Indian yellow from Liquitex. No white.

The glazing was done using paper towels dipped in water and then dipped in a tiny bit of the paint then applied to the surface. Blending is through the glazing.

See Strange Materials for more details on materials I use.