Year: 2008

mike tremblay December 8, 2008

Linking my own artistic vision to my professional work presents challenges, partly in working with the abstract concepts of policy work, which pays the bills, but finding client receptivity to the representation of concepts visually. On a work visit to Toronto, I encountered a firm, Infonauts, which specialise in visual representation of data, on maps.  […]

mike tremblay November 8, 2008

Bruno Frey writes about the economics of art.  His work is provocative and challenges many assumptions about how the art world operates.  I quite like his observation of the challenge facing gallery owners who, striving to make a living, only represent artists who are likely to sell, while at the same time, wanting to bring […]

mike tremblay October 11, 2008

The challenge in anything creative is getting bored and trying things that don’t work.  This leads to frustration in many cases and out go the brushes!  Desire for creative growth is normal, frustration (and undernourishment, too) are normal for some.  Others learn from the experience, reflect that it may have been a premature move outside […]

mike tremblay August 25, 2008

Summers are a wonderful time, with great hot light in the middle of the day and lovely reddish tones toward the end.  Mornings are a joy as the sun creeps over the horizon, signaled by the spreading light, then the first flash of yellow. I often draw on the daily fluctuation of colour in my […]

mike tremblay July 28, 2008

Today I’m thinking about the work of Tomma Abts and her highly geometric abstractions.  Her colours are delightfully muted.  I am thinking about whether I like the machine-like perfection (despite her saying these works take a long time and betray their provenance).  I do like the layering, of past incarnations being replaced and the lines […]