20 Seconds to overcome fear

Marion Milner, a celebrated child psychoanalyst wrote of her own creative anxieties in her book On Not Being Able to Paint (Heineman, 1950, but still available). Fear is embedded in much of the writing on creativity, mainly because creativity is a public expression of internal life. It is a form… Read More »20 Seconds to overcome fear

Where do you go to my lovely when you’re alone in your bed?

“where do you go to my lovely when you’re alone in your bed?” (title from the song with lyrics by Peter Sarstedt, 1969, listen to it here: ) Originally publised in Art of England, Issue 76, 2011. Reproduced with permission. Fantasy, imagination and dreaming have been acknowledged sources of… Read More »Where do you go to my lovely when you’re alone in your bed?


“Dirt!” Originally published in Art of England, Issue 83, 2011. Reproduced with permission. In the film Amadeus, Salieri says of Mozart that it was like he was taking dictation from God. Most of us know the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. It is not about dictation,… Read More »Dirt!

In the beginning, there was abstraction

The earliest cave paintings were abstract. Now we can move on and reappraise the historical bias toward figurative and representational art. The early humans painted what was natural. Abstractions!

Frankenfolks can be artists too!

“Frankenfolks” can be artists too!” Originally published in Art of England, Issue 86, 2011. Reproduced with permission. Are older people curiosities, especially the long-lived? Do we see them as ‘marvellous’ simply for their fact of survival. Perhaps instead, we trap others in the medico-social web of nursing homes, expensive end-of-life… Read More »Frankenfolks can be artists too!

Intelligent Life

I subscribe to only one art magazine: Turps. Actually, I subscribe only to a few things anyway. I used to want to get one of each, like some artists who need to have one of each colour. Knowledge is different, and I guess the fear is that you’ll not be… Read More »Intelligent Life

Medicine for Body and Soul

Art of England (issue 66, 2010) has published a short piece of mine. It is some commentary on a conference in London on arts and health. This is an interesting area. Research is beginning to show that arts can have therapeutic value, can trigger memories in people with Alzheimer’s, or… Read More »Medicine for Body and Soul