The Magpie revisited

The Russian “United Art Rating” is an artist rating service of the Artist Trade Union of Russia and which uses the following scale for rating artists (nationally and internationally) [source here] 1 – an artist of world fame, tested with time (for more than a century). 1A – a world… Read More »The Magpie revisited

In the beginning, there was abstraction

The earliest cave paintings were abstract. Now we can move on and reappraise the historical bias toward figurative and representational art. The early humans painted what was natural. Abstractions!

Artistic Plagiarism: a commentary

I wrote an opinion piece in the Art of England (issue 77,  January 2011) on the issue of artistic plagiarism called “On Learning to Steal”. I start by musing on the usefulness of students learning art by copying works in art galleries. You know the story, littered around the floor… Read More »Artistic Plagiarism: a commentary

Frankenfolks can be artists too!

“Frankenfolks” can be artists too!” Originally published in Art of England, Issue 86, 2011. Reproduced with permission. Are older people curiosities, especially the long-lived? Do we see them as ‘marvellous’ simply for their fact of survival. Perhaps instead, we trap others in the medico-social web of nursing homes, expensive end-of-life… Read More »Frankenfolks can be artists too!

The Artist as Entrepreneur

Art of England (issue 68, 2010) has published a short piece of mine. It is about the ‘grants welfare state’ and proposes that artists should be funded more as investments, over a few years, leading to artistic and financial success, rather than supported through project grants. I see this as… Read More »The Artist as Entrepreneur

Sunny, sunny day!

The sun is shining and my paint brushes are far too dry for their own good. The heavy paper I like to use is pristine and awaiting the tentative first brush with acrylic fate.