Decision making

Mike Tremblay March 15, 2020

Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, I thought it would be of interest to post a section of a report I wrote in 2009 which included pandemics. Given the date, you should assume the science is dated. I want to highlight in this posting is the core message of this work: […]

Mike Tremblay November 5, 2019

This is another article in my continuing commentary on market access and politics. The focus in this case is to look more closely at behaviours of people involved from government, industry and healthcare. Occupying these roles are people who bring their own psychological perspective to how they apply their knowledge and skills to their work. […]

Mike Tremblay March 6, 2019

The relevance of value in establishing the positioning of medicines is the new normal for pharmaceutical marketing. Pharmaceutical companies have customers who are highly constrained by whether healthcare system funding is sustainable long term. Remember, payers think epidemiologically and in multiple years of costed care so industry needs to assess how that can be understood […]