Dr Mike Tremblay

My art background developed from an interest in Art Photography  (square format) and Fabric Art into abstract painting.

My artistic preference is abstraction; it is after all the natural form of cognition and my work is designed to create a conspiracy with the viewer, hoping of course that they spend at least 16 seconds looking at the piece, so their cognitive processes kick in and the brain says, “so you’re interested in this and not just a passing glance; I’ll spend more time interpreting this for you”, and so we have the conspiratorial interaction.

I was introduced to painting when I expressed an interest in interpreting my photography in new ways as well as just looking for a new form of expression. A friend introduced me to Sumi-e and then as is often the case to watercolour, which is very hard to handle well. However, I was taken by the Sumi-e and working on paper. Using the wash techniques I adopted acrylics as medium, and heavy handmade papers and then wood panels.

Around the same time, I signed up for a series of online ‘art coaching’ sessions, which I found very helpful for restarting my creative thinking.

Subsequently, I’ve taken the Turps Correspondence Course, in London, with an artist mentor over a period of about a year, which also helped anchor my creative insights and broadened my horizons.

I have exhibited in a few places, and had a gallery representation until the owner retired. I have sold my work, and have pieces in a number of countries. I think they have found congenial homes.