Imagination: mindLAB 1

Imagination: mindLAB 2 offers an introduction to experimental painting. This means learning to see more than the vase, bowl of fruit or tree. It means being able to speak to others through paintings that express emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and rich images. It will appeal to people who would like something more than the usual still life or figurative art class.

Using traditional and familiar objects, forms, techniques and methods accessible to all, the LAB  will enable the development abstract visualisations (called an abstract painting). This LAB can be a single one-off session of a couple of hours, a half-day or a day or more depending on interest. But it is intended to get individuals to the point where they may be comfortable developing their own abstract vision, which is better dealt with in  Cafe Dining mindLAB 5.

Materials for this are not supplied, but all one needs to bring are something to work on (paper, small canvas), something to work with (paint/brushes, crayon, pencils), but no more than 5 colours plus white, but not black, and an easel of some sort and a LAB notebook. Also bring images you like, whether photographs, objects, etc. LAB requires at least 5 people.

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