Café Dining: mindLAB 5

Café Dining: mindLAB 5 is a series of sessions for those seeking sustained working time and a desire to develop their own approach to abstraction. “Dining” comprises 5 half-day sessions spread out over a couple of months – breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner, and midnight snack. This LAB is designed to challenge individual artistic sensibilities over the five sessions and offers a refreshing outlet for those looking for new forms of artistic expression.

Materials are not supplied. In the interests of simplicity, paper or small canvas (say 40cm x 50 cm size), no more than 10 colours plus white but not black, brushes, palette knives, pastry brushes, sponges, masking tape, crayons, pencils, watercolours, whatever, plus a LAB notebook and an easel. The key is not to be distracted by the technologies of creating art itself. The LAB requires at least 5 people.

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