The Liberating Power of Abstract Art

I wrote a little book on how abstract art is liberating. Each of the chapters is available below for download as PDFs for your personal use (you cannot use it commercially or use the material to teach others without prior permission, as the material is copyright). If you do find it useful, please tell others. If you don’t find it useful, please tell me.

You can use them in any order you like, but please read the Abstractions Introduction first as it will give you an overview. Each section explores a way of seeing.

Read me first: Abstractions Introduction

City Abstractions: drawing ideas from the built environment City Abstractions

Light and Shadow Abstractions: how to see light and shadow and not the object itself Light and Shadow Abstractions

Natural Forms Abstractions: the everyday Natural Forms Abstractions

Perspective Abstractions: finding patterns everywhere Perspective Abstractions

Rhythm Abstractions: finding more patterns everywhere Rhythm Abstractions

Sky Abstractions: what can we take from looking up? Sky Abstractions

Unusual Abstractions: odd things in our world, things we come upon, can be triggers for creativity Unusual Abstractions

Up Close Abstractions: the world of the very small, made very big, is an undiscovered country Up Close Abstractions

Whole Images Abstractions: sometimes the whole thing is enough Whole Images Abstractions

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