Writing on art


Brigitte Coulombe is an artist in Northern Ontario, Canada. Her work in this show are semi-abstracted minimalistic interpretations of Lake Nipissing. Floating free on the wall, they are unframed. This show was held in the La Galerie Du Nouvel-Ontario in Sudbury during November, and while there I had an opportunity… Read More »Périphéries

Social media and technology revolution: a commentary

Art of England has published a short piece of mine looking at the impact on creativity in art from the wider use of (mainly) digital technology and social media. Art of England, issue number 65.

Tu m’: me pense que…

“Tu m’” by Marcel Duchamp is a good example of how this artist played with our sensibilities.  Karl Gerstner, in his Puzzle Upon Puzzle, which examines Tu m’ in exquisite #161617233 / gettyimages.com detail is an example of an analytical critique that may just miss the point. I read this… Read More »Tu m’: me pense que…

What is ‘altermodernism’?

Image by nattu via Flickr The inmates have escaped again and flooded the world with another wind egg.  Called ‘altermodernism’, a term as ugly as its definition, we are now to be persuaded that a new improved artistic sentimentality has burst upon the scene.  Some people really do have far… Read More »What is ‘altermodernism’?

The arrow of time & art

Image via Wikipedia Should we see art history as linear, with the phases, fads and movements embedded in the moment, or can we continue to learn from them, revisit them over time.  Indeed, can all of art exist simultaneously? There is a bias toward linearity in art history, but it… Read More »The arrow of time & art

Do artists think?

When an artists ‘does art’, what are they thinking?  Are they merely in the moment or are they constructing some sort of story (narrative for the remaining post-modernists out there)?  I continue to have a problem with art that is mute, because it makes me wonder if the artist was… Read More »Do artists think?