naphumber May 21, 2011

I subscribe to only one art magazine: Turps. Actually, I subscribe only to a few things anyway. I used to want to get one of each, like some artists who need to have one of each colour. Knowledge is different, and I guess the fear is that you’ll not be reading the right material when […]

naphumber February 25, 2011

Art of England (issue 68, 2010) has published a short piece of mine. It is about the ‘grants welfare state’ and proposes that artists should be funded more as investments, over a few years, leading to artistic and financial success, rather than supported through project grants. I see this as a recurring theme of relevance […]

naphumber December 28, 2010

Art of England (issue 66, 2010) has published a short piece of mine. It is some commentary on a conference in London on arts and health. This is an interesting area. Research is beginning to show that arts can have therapeutic value, can trigger memories in people with Alzheimer’s, or be of rehabilitative value in […]

naphumber November 21, 2010

An earlier post (End of Kodachrome and a way of seeing the world) I lamented the loss of Kodachrome. Steve McCurry, the photojournalist, has shot the final, last, roll of Kodachrome.  The story is being told in many places, but here is the first notice from the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle, in which state this last […]

naphumber September 8, 2010

I am delighted to see the further development of Sumi-e into strong abstraction. Chinese and Japanese brush painting has tended to bucolic, naturalist imagery, for obvious Pilgrim’s Journey reasons from its historical development. But some artists, particularly in China are exploring new ideas. An artist to consider is Lei Hong, who recently participated in a […]

naphumber August 20, 2010

Do you ever read a critique of a painting that you don’t agree with? Of course we all do. A recent review of The Stolen Kiss by Jean Honore Fragonard in the UK’s Independent bothered me. So, The Stolen Kiss: I think not. The painter is trapped within the ways of his time and produced […]

naphumber June 25, 2010

No doubt many in the arts community are concerned at rising levels of public sector austerity. For many their very existence depends on public funding of one sort or another. Few, though, will of necessity understand the underlying logic why there are public funding programmes for the arts in the first place, apart from vague […]

naphumber April 7, 2010

Some do indeed worship at the alter of the state. Most artists don’t make a living at their art, and most people who study art formally fail to develop their studies into a viable career. Writing in Art of England magazine recently, I observed that we should start viewing artists as entrepreneurs. Of course, what […]

naphumber March 7, 2010

The sun is shining and my paint brushes are far too dry for their own good. The heavy paper I like to use is pristine and awaiting the tentative first brush with acrylic fate.

naphumber January 25, 2010

Subtitled, What can we learn from art about our sense of identity, this short article explores some of the themes of the Wellcome Collection’s (London) show Identity: 8 Rooms, and appeared in Art of England (issue 67, 2010). In today’s world, people have multiple identities, particularly with the Internet — our Facebook persona is not […]