mike tremblay

Liberation through abstraction

Much guidance on abstract art focuses on what I call ‘the inner game of art’, that abstraction is done through internal reflection alone. That is, though, as true as using the external world of our senses as a bridge to stimulate that inner game. If I am on the right… Read More »Liberation through abstraction

The violence of abstraction

Abstraction is a liberation from the strictures that can bind our lives as lived. Many people take art classes and when looking at what they have done, feel undernourished, incomplete, frustrated, or worse. Indeed, by the end of the art class, the art ‘thing’ is done, but it isn’t quite… Read More »The violence of abstraction

Paint in the ‘here and now’

Paint ‘in the moment’, simply see what would happen if…, if you did this and then that. Painting in the ‘here and now’ or ‘in the moment’ does not mean that I am being careless. I am interpreting how I feel, my mood, what I am thinking at that particular… Read More »Paint in the ‘here and now’

Insight generation

Creativity is neither right nor wrong; it just is. That does not mean it lacks ethical impact or is neutral in the expression of ideas. I am an advocate of Isabelle Graw’s interpretation of the painting as a type of ‘quasi-person’ (Thinking through painting: reflexivity and agency beyond the canvas,… Read More »Insight generation

Can’t draw?

You do not need to be able to draw to be creative. This is one of the great lies of art, that it always begins with drawing, sketching. Many people take life classes, drawing the human form, or still life classes, bowls of fruit or a vase of flowers. But… Read More »Can’t draw?

Elemental, an exhibition

The EDF nuclear power station in Dungeness in Kent, UK may be an exotic place to visit, but it made for an excellent exhibition space. Myself along with other artists from Ashford Visual Artists exhibited our work over a period of months in 2017. EDF was an excellent host, and… Read More »Elemental, an exhibition


My solo exhibition, Chromophilia, was held at the Evegate Art Gallery from 3 to 24 December 2016. Works are on paper and wood. The gallery is open from 1000 to 1500 Monday to Saturday (but not Sundays). Evegate Art Gallery is in the Evegate Business Park, which includes retail shops… Read More »Chromophilia

Turps Art School 2016-2017

Departing from my usual commentary on arts subjects, I would like to let folks know that I have been accepted into the 2016-17 Turps Art School Correspondence Course.  This will be a challenging opportunity and I look forward to working with my mentor/tutor. At this time, I don’t know who… Read More »Turps Art School 2016-2017

20 Seconds to overcome fear

Marion Milner, a celebrated child psychoanalyst wrote of her own creative anxieties in her book On Not Being Able to Paint (Heineman, 1950, but still available). Fear is embedded in much of the writing on creativity, mainly because creativity is a public expression of internal life. It is a form… Read More »20 Seconds to overcome fear