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How the mind thinks: art, policy, decision making, abstraction.

Our minds revel in Abstraction; they are very good at making sense of images even if they are not about anything in particular.

Ideas and innovative thinking is a conversation between minds, full of elusive, transient meaning, but always aware that the success or not of art is in the extent to which it engages a person with a reaction, with ideation.

I bring together my thinking in healthcare and life sciences policy, and my interest in abstract painting and through this website seek to share my insights, thinking and creative work, whether visual or with words.

My artistic experimental tools come from Sumi-e, Japanese abstract artists, Chinese abstract artists and of course the well that never runs dry of the Abstract Expressionists. My work is also influenced by ideas expressed by Malevich in his writings, and the inspiration of artists expressing mature work from a lifetime of living.

From policy and fresh ideation I draw on the thinking from a wide well of thinkers.

In the spirit of Einstein’s maxim that explanations should be as simple as possible and not simpler, that should suffice.

I am a member of various groups, such as ISPOR, and TOPRA, societies associated with clinical judgement and decision making as well as artistic groups such as S2A, in Paris. I am listed on the Abstract Artist Directory, which is a guide to abstract artist online, and which enables you to locate artists, galleries, blogs and online communities.

From time to time, I publish, whether in the more formal academic journals, informally through this and other blogs or in the art press; for a while, I was writing commentary for Art of England magazine, which has now ceased publication.

My book, “The liberating power of abstract art” is available to buy and is a reasonably priced Experimental Handbook for people who want to discover their artistic side and are worried that they can’t draw. Marion Milner, the psychoanalyst, wrote a book “On not being able to paint”, so there is a way forward to creative expression for everyone!

The Works

There a number of publications available upon request and without charge on policy, research topics, etc. The art on this site are for sale.


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