Horizonal paintings are perceived by our minds to be landcapes when there are also lines running horizontally. The horizontal landscapes explore, to a degree, how little is needed to evoke the notion of a landscape; they depict 6 views of Dungeness, Kent, actually, the light at Dungeness.

The three “in the city” paintings are about the monumentalism of the built environment; it is anticipated that we’ll all live in cities, but at what cost to our quality of life. The Indus Valley, a connected megalopolis that can be seen from space, has a population approaching 1 billion people. Hence the painting “urban angst”.

With my photography and tapestries, I often depicted landscapes as narrow vertical images. Our eyes see through what is called a ‘letter box’ format (wide and thin); by turning that aspect ratio on its side, we see from the ground up to the stars. A few of these landscapes are vertical landscapes.

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