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What is Cognology?

Cognology is about thinking and often thinking again, and perhapseven again. The risk, otherwise, is that we do the wrong thing really well.

Issues and concerns in the world require new approaches and insights — tomorrow’s challenges cannot be solved with yesterday’s solutions.

We need new ways to understand the complexity of social or commercial challenges.

The Cognologist has thought about how we regulate, and govern and plan and strategise and go to work everyday to the very best, and wonder why things go pear-shaped.

Of marshmallows and boiled frogs

Keep in mind that regulators are monopoly suppliers of regulation so if they do a bad job we all experience the consequences. The same applies when we are inward looking, protective of our immediate gains, at the expense of future success. Did we pass or fail the marshmallow test: did we take the marshmallow now, rather than two later?

And like the boiled frog, we may resist change to our last breath. Yet zombie thinking, like dead zone regulation, persists and we are the weaker for failing to bury them (and keeping them from coming back again!).

Strategic errors: why we do the wrong thing really well

Sometimes, problem owners use advisors whose problem-solving mind-sets are inappropriate to challenges which are not well-structured. In other cases, problem owners take advice from people more selling a canned solution rather than listening to you and your needs. Because we like to think that people know what they are doing, we are dismayed when the advice is mundane or simply wrong headed.

And from their advice, we often do the wrong thing really well.

The Cognologist

The Cognologist is Michael Tremblay. I have a PhD in applied psychology and policy with a background in philosophy of science and mathematical logic. I help people design solutions.

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