Cases is an iPod video installation recently showcased in Toronto, bringing 10 artists together to explore the theme of contemporary society’s obsession with health.

The visitor is confronted with a room with iPods, mounted at head height, streaming a video, and a headset for the sound.

The artists and their works:

  • Janet Bellotto, A Collection of See and See
  • Paula Braswell, Pills
  • Jean Bridge, Disposible Membrane
  • Laura Cunningham and Elaine Whittaker, Teratoma
  • Lynne Heller, Pillflower World
  • Joan Kaufman, Paraplegia
  • Margie Kelk, Zen Calligraphy
  • Ram Smocha, Hairy Up
  • Jane Martin, Museum Mexico: cakes and over-the-counter body parts in various shades of pink.

Without singling out any one, they were thoughtful and provocative, particularly because of my own interest in health.

I look forward to viewing them again, perhaps on the web, somewhere. Cases is very good and needs a congenial home.

Cases was on show at the Red Head Gallery in Toronto, during October 2009.

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