naphumber September 29, 2008

I’m now subscribing to Turps Banana, a London-based art magazine published by artists.  They held a fund-raising event to ensure the financial security of the magazine and provide editorial freedom from advertising.

My hope is that the magazine’s writing will be accessible rather than the art-babble that so often is found in magazines; almost rivals the nonsense in classical music programmes for vacuous commentary.

The world does need more and better magazines on art, that increase public access to art, especially in cultures that do not generally buy original art, feel it is inaffordable, or that they would be ‘posh’ to hang original art on their walls.

If Turps were an art gallery, now what would it look like?

Today is also my late parents wedding anniversary; they never really got to see what happened to me.  I wonder if they’re eavesdropping now?

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